Vitamin Mix Fruit Water 500ML

Vitamin Mix Fruit Water 500ML

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  • Prepared artesian water from a 266 m deep well,
  • Sugar,
  • Multifruit juice base (concentrated juices: apple, orange, carrot, tangerine, pear, lime, peach, lemon; stabilizer - pectin, flavoring, coloring - beta-carotene),
  • Concentrated apple juice,
  • Acidity regulator - citric acid,
  • Anti-oxidant - ascorbic acid,
  • Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Nutrition Value: Carbohydrates - 9.2 g / 100 ml

Energy Value: 160 kJ (35 kcal) / 100 ml

Store in dark, ventilated, odorless rooms at air temperatures from 0ºС to 22ºС

After opening, store the product closed at temperatures from 0℃ to 6℃ for no more than a day.

Bottling date and expiration date are indicated on the cap or on the top of the bottle.

Shake well before use and best drank chilled.